Megan Lanz, DMA CMI

Professional Flutist and Certified Meditation Instructor

Whole Musician

Whole Musician offers a non-traditional and interdisciplinary experience. We cater to musicians who wish to explore and advance their abilities as performing artists in the modern world. Through our approach, our team helps artists realize their full potential as performers.

We combine masterclasses, private coaching, workshops, and recitals - all of which incorporate impactful interdisciplinary topics - resulting in an integrated musical experience. These events go beyond technical instruction through a holistic approach that fosters the highest possible level of performance.

The Whole Musician team creates empowering and nurturing environments for all musicians. Participants are surrounded by a supportive, like-minded musical community that fosters musical passion and proficiency. 

We bring specialized certifications (life coaching, meditation, physical training, and yoga) to bear in relevant and sustainable workshop experiences.  

There really is another way!

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